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Massive Global Info: A parent company of Blue Dove Technology, primarily is taking big shots in database driven web based and mobile applications for academic institutions, government agencies, private firm, Banks, hospitals and businesses.

Our online schools result portal is excellent, user friendly, simple, rich with beautifully designed report sheet of rich contents. Teachers impute scores using phones from anywhere. Powerful administrator platform with full control and automations.





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Result Portal

Our schools result portal is fantastic. Powerful administrators platform, staff, and students interface. Beautiful report sheet, automated mastersheet and broadsheet.



Our e-learning platform is great. We make it simple. prepare your lesson in any format of choice, text, video, pdf, audio and the kids are up learning.


Cbt Platform

Our e-learning platform allows teachers set computer based test for learners. It's supper fantastic!!


Global Reach

No matter your location, contact us today. We will set up your school result portal in just few minutes, your portal link is auto generated for direct use or linked to your existing website. Become a provider



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Become a Result Portal Service Provider.

What is 'Result Portal Services' ?

Result portal is a school management portal that takes care of pupils and students test and exam scores, it automatically processes score data, calculates, grades, remarks, comments, positions, etc and generates both terminal and cumulative results (report card). The students, pupils, parents or users access their result using a scratch card PIN, or a Pass code. That means, one can have the child's result at the comfort of one's home anywhere in the world.

Why should I become a result portal provider?

1. you are going to make income

2. you earn according to the population of the school

3. you work from your location

4. no ICT experience, no coding, no design required

5. you decide how much schools pay you without our interference

6. you earn continuously from the schools as long as they are powered

7. you have multiple earning from many schools at a time

How do I earn as a result portal provider ?

As a result portal services provider, a client (school) pays you between 500 to 1,200 Naira per child on the portal every term or semester depending on the population of the school.  What you earn is calculated by multiplying the population of the school by the agreed amount. And this is done every term or semester. Hope you got it.

Note: (See extra mouth-watering cash income and MGI commission when you read our agreement form within your dashboard)

What is my job as a result portal provider ?

1. reach out  to schools in your location, state or country

2. discuss with them about online result portal, to enable pupils, students, or parents get their result online via mobile phone, desktop, laptop, tablet etc.

3. get the existing sample of the school result sheet, then create the school portal in less than 2 minutes.

4. give the school the portal link to start using( link is automatically generated upon creation of the school portal in 3 above)

5. train the staff on how to impute scores, and administrator how to manage the portal. That's all. (Note: the portal is very simple and user friendly} 

Note: (Our training manual, agreement documents and proposal are available for download within your dashboard)

If you have considered yourself capable of being our representative as a result portal provider in your area, state or country, kindly sign up  using 101 as the company code.


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